Meta Viable Solutions Purposeful Leadership Program One on One Business development Coaching

Executive Coaching and Leadership Coaching

Meta Viable Solutions offers one on one business development coaching services to qualified and approved participants who wish to grow and align their personal and professional goals. Our business development coaching sessions consist of an integrative approach of career coaching, professional coaching, entrepreneurial and life coaching. We have designed our program to meet the needs of each leader who enters the coaching program- with the mindset that we are all leaders of our own life.

Engage with Sasha Lalite to help bring your vision to life and drive success with tangible action plans and assignments. Coaching sessions include hourly interactive sessions that empower you and develop you on an individual level so you can take charge and better manage challenges faced in personal, career, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Life is a juggling act where we are constantly trying to achieve a balance to do our best with the time and resources that we have. Work with MVS to prioritize, set goals, and obtain useful tools and techniques both in your business, job and life.  

Designed for Leaders in Transition

  • Start Ups- Build Wisely
  • Business Leadership, Entrepreneurs, and future business owners at different stages of their business journey
  • Mid-career professionals who wish to improve work performance or going through job transitions 


  • Personalized accelerated coaching and growth
  • Leadership and team skills
  • Insight and actionable steps to achieve your vision
  • Progress in business and business-related life goals

The Purposeful Leadership Program Is For You If:

  • You want a change and feel stagnant- stuck in business
  • You are scattered with ideas and can’t prioritize and focus
  • You want to get started on achieving your dreams
  • You need to set practical goals for life and business
  • You are overwhelmed and need guidance
  • You are teachable and willing to put in the work
  • You want more personal freedom and life ownership
  • You are ready to commit the time and resources
  • You are transitioning in life or going through a career or entrepreneurial shift

Invest in Yourself and Your Business

  • Empower You
  • Visualize, align, execute your business & personal life goals
  • Articulate what success is for you
  • Create an actionable results-oriented game plan
  • Build & strengthen your business
  • Provide helpful resources
  • Optimize your organization on both a personal & organizational level
  • Adapt to changes in your career & company (M&A), improve performance, transition in job role
business coaching

Sasha’s coaching & consulting services has guided me strongly as a professional with her expertise in business and communication. Her recent book STRIKING BUSINESS GOLD: Build Scale Profits is a great resource for the working professional, one changing careers, or the innovative entrepreneur. I was sure to get a few copies as holiday gifts for several entrepreneurs and small business owners who are working on planning to scale. I highly recommend this book and this firm if you are a business owner interested in expanding your horizons. The worksheets, tips and strategy is very helpful, especially with certain topics broken down. Sasha is currently professionally coaching me as well within my Fortune 500 Company.
~ Heather