Corporate Training and Keynote Motivational Speaking

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For decades, Sasha Lalite has been helping businesses to run better by providing operational makeovers. She is best corporate keynote motivational speaker in New Jersey provides keynotes, seminars, employee trainings, workshops radio and television appearances that are invaluable, effective and affordable to bring you and your business to the next level of performance. She is selected as a 2023 L.A. Style Magazine Most Influential Industry Leader & Strategic Partner.

Sasha is a Modern Classroom Certified Trainer (MCCT). Sasha is a visionary, serial entrepreneur, strategic innovator, author and positive change agent. She brings a multi-disciplinary expertise to organizations. With over 20 years experience, She made significant progressive advances in consulting, enterprise-wide strategy, business transformation, management, performance, leadership & team development. She has a deep passion for leveraging individuals and businesses to realize & reach their optimal potential and goals.

Sasha is available for keynote motivational speaking engagements- including national and international conferences, academic curriculum, university and special symposiums.

Sasha Lalite will inspire your audience to:

  • Be empowered for positive change
  • Set tangible, practical & achievable goals
  • Align personal & business goals
  • Improve leadership & team development
  • Strategize, plan & execute with confidence
  • Build, scale and profit for success & sustainability

Radio and Special Appearances


best corporate motivational speaker new jersey



  • Proven Strategic Planning & Execution to bring organizational development to the next level
  • Leadership & Management Skills to Enhance Team Performance
  • Tools to Systemize & Wisely Scale with an effective business model


  • Project Management
  • Effective Leadership
  • Quality Management & Assurance
  • Women Empowerment
  • Best Practices for Effective Leadership
  • The Modern Manager
  • Effective Process & Capacity Building
  • Strategies to Build, Scale & Profit


Invest in your employees and corporate to bring your company to the next level! Manage change and communication, retain great talent, and help your people grow. Meta Viable Solutions provides employee training and supervisor training, training facilitation, training manuals, motivational training, and training for leadership and team development. Our customized employee training services are also available to fit your organization’s needs. We offer HR Classroom Compliance trainings and management systems for companies and non-profit organizations in the form of in-person learning and cloud-based eLearning.

Sasha’s training class was excellent. I believe this class stands out as the best one we’ve had so far! The hands-on approach was incredibly beneficial and necessary. I gained valuable insights and appreciated the interactive nature of the session. It was fulfilling to apply what was taught in real-time during the class. She demonstrated an impressive depth of knowledge on the subject and was both passionate and supportive. She excelled in teaching and guiding us through the process. ~Brittani, CEO